About Us

We are a team made up of former marketing managers, PPC specialists and ex-freelancers who have been floating around the digital world for the last decade. We have worked for large multi-nationals and small local companies delivering growth in a variety of channels. We are genuinely passionate about delivering marketing and watching businesses grow.

Plymouth Digital was formed out of a need to do things our way….i.e the correct way. Two of our founders worked in London at big agencies before moving down to Plymouth in 2014. After a few years of freelance work we realised that a lot of local SEO and marketing agencies were way behind the curve. We decided to bring something fresh to the market with our own agency.

Our agency is built on 4 core concepts:

  1. Transparency

We wanted to make sure our clients understood everything we were doing (or at least understand why!). We wanted to be completely honest with results and progress made at every stage of your campaign. We wanted to ensure reporting was top notch without compromising on time actually spent doing the work! (It was a running joke in London that we were made to spend weeks writing reports and had to outsource most of the actual work!).

  1. Results

We wanted to foster a culture where results actually matter rather than keeping clients happy. We want you to be happy but we also want you to get results – surprisingly our experiences have taught us that these things don’t always go hand in hand!

  1. Client Balance

We aren’t interested in all clients and we aren’t interested in having hundreds of clients on the books. We’d rather work with client’s we feel we can develop with and client’s that interest us. Nothing is worse than a disinterested marketing campaign – it will just be bland and inoffensive and won’t resonate with your customers. We balance the number of clients we have on our books and are selective over the types of projects we take on. This ensures you actually get the service you pay for….and more.

  1. Experience and Experiments

We enjoy trying new things, new techniques and new strategies. This has helped keep us at the forefront of SEO and marketing but also means we get to have a lot of fun, whether that’s from split testing your landing pages to increase conversions or experimenting with some unusual advertising mediums. Experience and experiments let us develop new avenues with our business that we can translate to yours – plus they keep us happy – happy marketers are better marketers.


We won’t lie we also enjoy a few beers and a lot of coffee but these aren’t really fundamental building blocks of the company. They do reflect our attitudes though – we are relaxed and informal whilst still remaining professional. If this sounds like you and you want to get more from your business online why not get in touch with us.