Marketing Analysis

We have access to all the best tools, tricks and techniques when it comes to market analysis. If you work with us with a marketing strategy we will analyse your competition to identify keyword opportunities, new link building opportunities and work out the competition levels.

However, often we also get asked to undertake independent market and competition analysis. This covers a wide range of services including:

Competition Ranking Analysis

Understanding where (and how) your competition ranks is a great way to identify new opportunities for growth. Our competition ranking analysis will show you all the keywords your competition rank for, the difficulty in competing with them and the strategies they have used to gain the rankings.

Competition Backlink Analysis

If you’re struggling to build links online we can provide competition backlink analysis to identify link building and marketing opportunities for your business. Links are still a foundational building block of good digital marketing and beating your competition is always satisfying.

Price Point Analysis

Not sure whether your products and services are competitively priced? Our price point analysis can compare your service with others in your sector to determine how competitive you are. We can batch compare thousands of products to give you an understanding of which products are and aren’t competitive.

Advertising Analysis

We can conduct viability studies and competition analysis in the advertising sector to identify new opportunities for you to promote your business. Whilst we focus on PPC we can also identify direct advertising opportunities through third party websites and publications – to give you a holistic picture of your options.

Market and Competition Analysis

If you want to understand how comptetive your current market or want to know whether a new business avenue is viable we can provide complete market and competition analysis. We will identify primary keyword opportunities, the difficulty in competing, recommended advertising budgets, potential profit margins and expected sales for any area or niche.

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