Migration Management

If you are redesigning and relaunching a website you must have a full migration plan in place to minimise disruption to rankings and to potential and existing customers. It is horribly often that companies relaunch a website only to have all their hard work be lost in a haze of errors and ranking drops. We will design a full migration plan encompassing:


As a first step we will benchmark your current website rankings to ensure that we know exactly which pages rank for each key term. This benchmark report shapes the migration and allows us to identify any issues on relaunch. We will also scrape your backlinks to ensure that key link pages are successfully redirected.

URL and Content Scrape

We will create a document of all current website content and URL structure to ensure that redirects can be mapped and that no key content is lost between websites. This scrape includes meta-data including title tags.

Redirect Mapping

We will crawl the new website and create a redirect file to upload in your htaccess. This file contains details of how all the old URL’s should appear on the new site. For example www.redirects.co.uk/importantpage might become www.redirects.co.uk/thisisanimportantpage. If we don’t redirect these pages successfully we are likely to lose rankings with the migration.

Content Integration

With all the groundwork in place we will ensure all content is successfully imported prior to launch. Where content is changed between pages we will ensure that primary keywords and structure is recreated in a way that will not negatively impact search engine rankings. We will identify any lost pages that may negatively impact rankings.

On-Page SEO integration

We will ensure all technical on-page SEO has been successfully migrated including alt tags, micro-data and meta-data.

Once we are satisfied that all website data is correctly in place we will greenlight the relaunch.

Post Launch

Once the website we will submit the new sitemap and track indexation and rankings. We will identify any issues created during the website launch and rectify them.


This process ensures that your migration goes smoothly and that rankings and critical pages aren’t lost….minimising downtime for your business.