Off-Page Search Engine Optimisation

Off page SEO isn’t rocket science – it’s good marketing, brand building and of course links.

Off page SEO is just as important as on-page SEO but it’s one of the most resource intensive aspects of the job. At Plymouth Digital we will work to help you build authority in your industry and acquire links and promotion on relevant websites. This not only helps your SEO it also should deliver traffic – which of course you’ll convert to sales and leads.

For help with your off-page SEO get in touch with us today. Alternatively, read more below – if you’re a glutton for punishment.

There are a number of different tactics we can use in off-page SEO and it’s worth understanding the mix of links and whether each are worth pursuing for your business.

Local Links

Local links are designed to help you appear higher in local search results (big surprise right). They are from local search directories like Thomson Local and Yell and from local area websites like the Plymouth Herald. These types of links help us establish you in the local area – they are important for all businesses but most important for trade, shops and service area businesses looking to gain local customers.

Authority Links

Authority links are important for all businesses but particularly important for national and ecommerce businesses. Authority is mainly defined by the industry you are operating within. For example, if you are in the financial services sector then a link from the FCA would be considered very high authority – they are the major regulatory body of the financial industry. However, other major publications are still authority links even if they aren’t directly related to your industry. For example a link from The Times or from Vogue is highly valuable because the websites are so well established with a large readership and historical authority. Authority links are generally the most expensive and hardest to acquire.

Trade and Industry Links

Trade and industry links are ones specifically related to your sector. They can include major publications in your field such as journals and magazines or professional associations and trade organisations. Typically, every sector has a range of thought leading publications and recognised industry bodies that we can pursue links from.

Social and Community Links

Social and community links are from websites and communities within your field. An example of this might be Mumsnet. Mumsnet is the biggest network of mothers in the UK. It is an authorative link that has the potential to deliver high traffic whether we are featured in an article or mentioned in a comment. Social and community links can also be from bloggers and writers within your field – they are similar to authority links but with less ranking clout.

Content Marketing Links

Content marketing links are a mixture of all of the above but rely on a special set of techniques focused on a value content based approach. Examples of this are eBooks, whitepapers, tools, courses or presentations. All of these tools are designed to provide value to potential customers and will earn you links through their actual value. Exceptional content will always attract some links but extensive projects that provide huge value will earn significantly more.


Off page SEO is fairly simple to comprehend but tough to implement. At Plymouth Digital we can help you create, implement and manage link building campaigns. So get in touch.