On-Page Search Engine Optimisation

On page SEO is the fundamental building block of digital marketing and we can manage every aspect of your website SEO architecture – from the obvious content to coding beauties like micro-data mark up and site speed optimisation. Our SEO packages always start with fundamental on-page SEO.

Contact us today to discuss your SEO requirements or alternatively read more below. Sorry it’s such an essay but there’s a huge amount of ground to cover with on-page SEO.

What Goes into our SEO Campaigns?

Keyword Research

The starting point for all campaigns is identifying the right keywords. You might think you can easily identify the best keywords for your industry but the reality is companies often miss how users search for things. For example, if you are a company that fits solar panels you might think your most important keyword is solar panels. But the reality is that what individuals actually search for is solar panels Plymouth, or solar panel installers near me. With every industry we need to identify keywords that are realistic and have search traffic. For example the term “men’s fashion” is one where major companies spend tens of thousands of pounds a month for advertising and SEO. If you are a smaller company trying to compete on this term with a small budget you won’t make any progress. However, you may be able to target a smaller term like “men’s alternative fashion”. By analysing keyword opportunities we can develop a campaign that will actually deliver you results


Content is the single most important ranking factor in search engines – bar none. The second most important ranking factor is links but we always have to start with content.

The two biggest mistakes companies make with their content is not targeting the correct keywords and not giving enough information.

Content forms several different categories that fall in different parts of your sales funnel. There are sales pages designed to convert prospects into customers, there are information pages designed to introduce potential customers to your products and services in a soft way and there are support pages for people already purchasing your products and services who may need additional information.

A well structured approach to your website content ensures that all customers needs can be met – whilst also helping us to rank your website effectively. Content enables you to firmly establish yourself as an expert in your field – whether that’s selling Jam Roly Polys or your services as a consultant.

On-Page Technical Wizardry

Content and links are important but so is the technical aspects of your website. This covers a huge remit of coding and structuring that needs to be implemented for your website to succeed. This page would be around 50,000 words if we wrote about everything so bullet points will have to do. On-page includes;

Website architecture – how pages interlink, navigation elements, sitemaps, robots.txt files

Schema and Micro-Data – code that provides specific information such as product information (price, condition description), location data (where you are) or content type (Article, recipe, blog posts).

Meta-Data – the descriptions that appear in search results for your pages including meta-titles and meta-descriptions.

Website Speed – how quickly and responsively your website performs. Website speed is an important user experience metric and a ranking factor.

Content Structure – Content identifies on-page such as alt tags, H1’s and other code considerations.

Error monitoring and fixing – things change with websites. We monitor for new errors and warnings monthly to ensure your website stays in tip top shape.

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