We like PPC because as an advertising medium it’s simple. With PPC you get an exact indicator of your results. You don’t have to pray to the marketing gods and cast runes to work out your return on investment.

It’s pretty simple:

We set up a campaign for you at budgets we determine with you

You pay a set amount for a click to your website.

We track whether that click converts into a sale or lead.

We adjust your campaign to increase the number of clicks that turn into leads.

That really is the essence of good PPC – we collect data and then test everything to improve your sales and conversions. But if you want more details we’ll reveal the secret sauce.

Keyword Selection

The first place we start is with good keywords. Normally you’ll have a good idea of the keywords that are relevant to your business – let’s say “Plumber Plymouth” or “Custom Boat Builder”. We will work with you to develop an extensive list of keywords – as many as possible within your sector.


The cost per click for each keyword will determine the potential return on investment for any campaign.

For example – let’s say we have “Custom Boat Builder” as a keyword costing £6.50 a click and with 5000 searches a month worldwide – (In the context of custom boat builders we would probably target worldwide searches rather than UK only as this is a luxury service).

If we assumed a standard click through rate of 3% we would expect 150 clicks/month from this campaign – costing us £975. Given the cost of a custom built boat this would be a very good investment if we converted even 1 of those 150 leads into a sale.

But let’s assume for a second that the custom boat building company is on tight margins and only wants to spend £500 a month on their campaign. With £500 a month we would only receive around £75 clicks for our campaign.

We have a variety of options here;

Either we accept that we will only get half the leads


We find other keywords that allow us to balance the cost per acquisition.

For example “Custom Boat Builder UK” might cost £4.50 a click. “Plymouth Boat Builder” might cost just £3 a click. These search terms won’t have as much traffic but they also won’t have the same costs.

Over time a campaign scales to deliver the highest ROI possible but as an initial starting point we need to make sure we have a good selection of keywords, at a variety of price points, and that we have a clear idea of how many clicks our budgets should deliver. Over time individual keywords are removed, bids adjusted and new keywords added to increase performance.

Ad Creation

We like to experiment with ad copy. Ads are very limited in terms of text or image content allowed so we need to make sure that we test new versions of your ads to work out the ones that will perform the best for each keyword group. This entails a process of A/B testing where each period we remove the worst performing adverts and replace them with new versions. Over time we will develop ad copy that is targeted, increases click through rates and conversions.


Reporting on sales, acquisitions and leads generated allows us to shape the campaign each month. We often find that certain keywords convert better than others, different ads reach higher click through rates and different platforms deliver vastly different returns on investment. By analysing your campaign data we can make insight driven strategy decisions – and make your campaign perform.

If you’re interested in PPC and advertising management why not get in touch with us today. We are happy to work with small to gigantic budgets and will make sure we do everything possible to get you the results you need.