Website Design

We make cost effective websites and we make epic websites. We make small business websites and we make giant, sprawling megaliths of websites. You need a website build we’re your guys.

Primarily we are a digital marketing agency so if you build a website with us you can be assured that it is going to be created with SEO in mind. We get seriously vexed by sloppy SEO websites – and we see them a lot. Build with us and you’ll have a fast website, that has all on-page SEO taken care of and is ready for a marketing campaign.

What’s even better is we aren’t expensive. We can use and adapt templates for a very low cost service – which is ideal if you are just getting a new business swinging. We can also create fully customised, all singing and dancing heavily modified websites – but it costs!


Template Based Websites

There is absolutely nothing wrong with using a template for most websites. It doesn’t negatively affect your SEO efforts and lets you cheaply and effectively make a website – leveraging other people’s work, time and coding efforts to get a great final product. It’s a massive secret but this website is actually made using a modified template….shhh.


We can build you a wordpress website for the paltry sum of £500. This includes minor design modifications, graphics and logos if you need them. We will help you write content if needs be and provide support and training for you in using the website. This is the ideal way to get a marketing ready website or if you just want to launch your new business well. Our websites all come with basic on-page SEO as standard and we will give you your first 6 months of hosting for free.


We can build you an opencart ecommerce store for the paltry sum of £1000. This includes full product imports, minor design changes and full optimisation. We can create top level category content if needed and the price includes graphics and logos if needed. Our opencart websites come with on-page SEO as standard and we will give you your first 6 months hosting free.

Custom Websites

We can create fully customised versions of opencart or wordpress websites if you need additional integrations, functionality or features. From programs to amazon and ebay integrations we can pretty much do whatever you want – and if we can’t we know the people who can. Custom websites start from £1000. If you’ve got something in mind just drop us a line or pick up the phone and one of our team will happily talk to you – we don’t have a sales team so if you phone us you’re going to talk to someone who knows what they are doing!


So we really are a good deal so why not fill out the contact form below and we’ll be in touch. Or if you want to just have a good gab pick up the phone and call us on. We also accept emails at or smoke signals from anywhere in the hoe area.