Website Hosting

We manage our own servers from leading UK based providers so that we have full control over websites, server access, security and support. Our servers are fully optimised for SEO delivering average website load times of below 3 seconds.

Even if we didn’t design your website we are happy to host it to ensure you get the best possible server and to allow us to easily optimise your website – we like to play around with code we really do and some of the best on-page SEO techniques need some playing with outside of your CMS.

Our hosting is:


Our servers are super-fast. We use advanced caching to deliver the fastest load times possible and aim for all web pages to load below 3 seconds. This isn’t always possible if you use too much code in your web design but our average is below 3. That’s superfast in case you were wondering.

Cost Effective

Our small business hosting is very cost effective. A small business hosting package with us costs just £10 a month. That comes with full support, security and speed optimisation.

SEO Optimised

Speed is a ranking factor. We use all the tricks of the trade on our servers include caching. We don’t overload any of our servers to ensure that there is always bandwidth available for your website.

Fully Supported

Anything goes wrong with your server we fix it. Day or night we have an in-house server technician and support from the server provider.



Small business hosting. £10/month

This is the ideal package if you are a small business without large volumes of traffic or a huge website. Perfect for tradespeople, shops and blogs.

Medium Business hosting. £30/month

This is the ideal package for larger businesss or small eccommerce sites getting a few thousand visitors a week.

Large Business Hosting. From £50/month

If your traffic runs to tens of thousands of visitors a month and your website is a large ecommerce or resource heavy website then we can provide custom hosting packages from £50 a month. Prices are scaled based on the average resource consumption of your website.

Contact us today to discuss your hosting requirements. If you want to manage your hosting yourself you can also sign up directly here.